GM East Committee

Greater Manchester East LOC Committee

Committee members are elected for a three year term at an AGM of optometrists, with one third of the members being elected each year. The committee comprises a mix of local contractors and performers. Further members may be co-opted. As the committee was newly formed in May 2018, with a complete new committee one third of the members will retire after 1 year and another third after 2 years.

Any optometrist in the area who would like to attend committee meetings is most welcome and should contact the Chairman. For other enquiries contact the administrator or your locality lead (see below).

Lyndsey Flynn – Administrator - Send Mail

Lyndsey previously worked for Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale and Bury LOC as Administrator; she currently works for Primary Eye Care Services as Service Co-ordinator also Administrator for Manchester, Salford & Trafford LOC and GM Confederation of LOC’s.

Current Committee

Matthew Jinkinson (Contractor, Stockport) - Chair - Send Mail

Matthew is an optometrist working in his family-run independent practice in Bramhall. He has been a LOC member with Stockport LOC since 2008 and was Chair from 2015. He was elected as the chair of GM East LOC at its formation in 2018. Matthew is also Clinical Governance and Performance Lead for Primary Eyecare Services across Greater Manchester, a LOCSU board member, chair of the Greater Manchester Optometry Advisory Group and member of the Greater Manchester Primary Care Advisory Group.

Wendy Craven (Contractor, HMR&B) - Vice-Chair - Send Mail

Wendy Craven is an optometrist and director of Craven & Murray Opticians in Rochdale. She previously chaired Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale & Bury LOC and is now the Vice Chair of Greater Manchester East LOC.

John Bowers (Contractor, West Pennine) - Treasurer - Send Mail

John Bowers was the Treasurer of West Pennine LOC for a number of years before accepting the post of Treasurer for GME LOC. He is a dispensing optician with his own independent practice, Muldoon & Tonge, in Ashton-under-Lyne. He has been in optics for thirty years.

Andrea Kay (Contractor, Stockport)

Andrea is an optometrist with a practice in central Stockport. She has worked with the AOP counselling members who are in difficulty with the GOC. She is the Primary Eye Care Company liaison person for the LOC, so if you have any issues with the PEC, contact Andrea.

Dharmesh Patel (Contractor, Stockport)

Dharmesh is Director and Optometrist at Dixon Optometrists in Stockport. He has been involved with the local optical committee since 2009. In Greater Manchester he chairs the GM Primary Care Advisory Group and sits on the GM Health and Social Care Strategic Health and Care board on behalf of the optical profession. Dharmesh is Chief Officer of Primary Eyecare Services – the single provider company set up by the local optical committees to act as the federation of optical practices. Dharmesh is also interim clinical director at the LOC support unit (LOCSU).

Andrew Clemitson (Performer, Stockport)

Andrew was a recent appointee to the Stockport LOC before the GME merger. A graduate of Cardiff University, he has ten-plus years of EOS experience under the Welsh Eye-Care Initiative.

Krupal Sheth (Performer, HMR&B)

Joint Locality Lead for HMR- Send Mail

Krupal is an optometrist and director of Specsavers Middleton. His 17+years experience includes independent practices, laser eye surgery and large multiples. He currently sits on the GME LOC.

Nick Addy (Performer, West Pennine)

Locality Lead for Oldham- Send Mail

Nick has been registered as an Optometrist since 1995 and has worked in independent practice as well as for a multiple. Currently he is practicing in Oldham where he has been for 19 years. He was on the West Pennine LOC for several years before being accepted onto the new GM east LOC when it formed last year.

He is the Locality Lead for Oldham and can be contacted here: - Send Mail

Faheem Sarfraz (Contractor, HMR&B)

Joint Locality Lead for HMR- Send Mail

Faheem is an Optometrist partner at Paul Cheetham Eyecare in Rochdale. He joined the LOC in 2016 and is keen on developing closer links with the local eye hospital departments.

Rahil Saggar (Performer, West Pennine) - Education Lead - Send Mail

Rahil owns 3 Boots franchises in the area. He has 15+years experience in the independent and multiple sector together with the HES. He is the Education Lead for GM East LOC.

Richard Rawlinson (Contractor, West Pennine)

Locality Lead for Tameside & Glossop- Send Mail

Richard is a Dispensing Optician and Contractor in Glossop. He is delighted to support GM East LOC as the Locality Lead for Tameside & Glossop. He is a LOCSU Commissioning Lead, ABDO Regional Lead for the North of England and is also a Director of Primary Eyecare Services Ltd.

Rebecca Ireland (Performer, Stockport)

Locality Lead for Stockport- Send Mail

Rebecca works as an Optometrist in Specsavers Stockport with specials interests in EOS, education and pathology. She joined Stockport LOC in 2015 and now represents Stockport in GM East’s LOC. She coordinates with Rahil to arrange quarterly CET events for Optometrists, CL Opticians and Dispensing Opticians.

Toni Blanchon (Performer, HMR&B)

Locality Lead for Bury - Send Mail

Toni has been a qualified optometrist for almost 30 years. She has worked most of them at Boots Opticians in Bury.