Useful Links

Association of Optometrists

The representative body for optometrists.

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Cheshire LOC

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Cochrane Library

A library of evidence for health interventions.

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College of Optometrists

The educational and public interest organisation for optometry.

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Guidelines for Professional Practice

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Clinical management Guidelines

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Dyslexia Action

An educational charity for the assessment and teaching of people with dyslexia.

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General Optical Council

The statutory body regulating optometry in the UK.

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National Electronic Library for Health

Full of health related information and including a link to PubMed to search for published articles.

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Optometry Today

Premier optometric journal in the UK published by the AOP.

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Journal for optometrists and dispensing opticians from Reed Business Publications.

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Quality in Optometry

Site to assist with clinical governance and contract compliance.

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Royal National Institute for the Blind

For patient information.

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The Sightline Directory allows you to search for support services for a patient by town or postcode, and by type of service if you wish.

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Screening for Diabetic Eye Disease

Information relating to retinopathy screening by digital imaging

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The British Dyslexia Association

For information about dyslexia.

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The Eye Care Trust

Useful source of patient information.

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The LOC Support Unit

Advice and support for Local Optical Committees.

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Useful comparitive measuring tools

For C:D ratios, Van Herick and effect of disc diameter

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