The Confederation represents the interests of the seven Greater Manchester Local Optical Committees in matters where there is a common purpose.

Centralising our information

The Confederation draws together all the LOC websites into a common structure. A key aim is to standardise the way information is presented, especially in relation to referrals. If you can find information for one area, you will find it just as easily for another.

For those tricky cross-border patients, a search facility is included for finding the CCG area a patient’s GP is in. You can then look up that area for referral information. Alternatively, you can search for the referral pathway and area using the main search facility (e.g. Wet amd Bury).

The Confederation provides a means of representing all 5 LOCs with the GM Health and Social Care Partnership (GM H&SCP) and with the NHS England Area Team. This is important because 5 individual representatives would be both unacceptable to the GM H&SCP and unaffordable to LOCs. The Confederation committee consists of the Chair of each LOC and any other individuals they choose to co-opt.