Optometry Representation in GM

Optometry Representation in Greater Manchester

A lot of planning and decision making for health now happens at a Greater Manchester level and this links into the ten localities. The Confederation acts on behalf of all the LOCs to ensure that the voice of optics is heard through the GM Optometry Provider Board and other routes. The following are all topics, committees or boards where the optical profession has involvement.

  • Greater Manchester Health & Care Board

    The GM Health & Care Board is the overarching board overseeing the GM Health and social care system, soon to be replaced by the GM Integrated Care Partnership Board and GM Integrated Care Board. These are made up of all key partners across the system including (but not limited to):

    • • 10 Clinical Commissioning groups (to be replaced by Locality Boards)

    • • 10 Local Authorities

    • • Hospital Providers

    • • Primary Care Providers

    • • Third Sector

    The Mayor of Greater Manchester, or his representatives, is also present at many of these meetings.

    Download Taking Charge – The GM Strategic Plan for Health & Social Care

  • GMHSC Partnership Executive

    The GMHSCP Partnership Executive (soon to be replaced by the Joint Planning and Delivery Committee) has has responsibility for the operational and transactional issues related to the GM Health and Social Care Vision. It is the ‘engine room’ of the GM Partnership.

  • Primary Care Provider Board

    The Primary Care Provider Board advises the GM Strategic Partnership Board of the views and abilities of primary care providers with a unified voice. It acts as the interface between the Strategic Partnership Board and the four discipline specific Provider Boards (Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy and General Practice) facilitating two way communication and stimulating and engaging primary care provider colleagues. The Primary Care Provider Board also ensures representation of primary care providers at a multitude of system wide groups and boards – including the following:

    • • GM Performance and Delivery Board

    • • GM Urgent and Emergency Care Board

    • • GM Digital Collaborative (Board and Clinical Reference Group)

    • • GM Cancer Board

    • • GM Transformation Fund Oversight Group

    • • GM Dementia United (Board and Implementation groups)

    • • GM Mental Health Board

    • • GM Diabetes Network (workstream of Strategic Clinical Network)

    The Primary Care Provider Board co-produced the GM Primary Care Strategy with the GM Commissioners.

    Download Taking Charge - GM Primary Care Strategy

  • Optometry Provider Board

    The GM Optometry Provider Board has been set up to provide overarching system leadership for optometry and eye health improvement as a part of the wider Local Eye Health Network and provider landscape. It provides a unified voice for primary eye care in Greater Manchester, utilising (with all stakeholders and partners) the GM Eye Health Transformation plan to implement the GM Strategic Plan (along with other national and local policies) and transform optometry for the benefit of the health and well-being of the residents of Greater Manchester.

  • GM Local Eye Health Network (LEHN)

    The GM Local Eye Health Network ensures that the contribution of the eye health sector is maximised in the improvement of outcomes and reduction in inequalities. The GM Local Eye Health Network:

    • Supports the implementation of national strategy and policy at local level

    • Work with key stakeholders on the development and delivery of local priorities

    • Provide local clinical leadership for quality improvement, best outcome for patients, best use of NHS resources as well as planning and designing integrated care pathways.

    The network works closely with other clinical networks as well as commissioners, providers and patients.

    The GM Local Eye Health Network has developed a GM Eye Health Transformation plan – ‘Delivering Improved Eye Health across Greater Manchester’ and will lead on its implementation.

    Download Delivering Improved Eye Health across GM