Extended Services in Ashton Leigh and Wigan
Extended Services

Extended Services in Ashton, Leigh & Wigan

Urgent Eye Conditions Service (CUES)

If your practice does not participate in this service, then eye problems such as:

  • • Red or painful eye or eyelids
    • Recently occurring flashes and floaters
    • Recent and sudden loss of vision
    • Foreign body in the eye

should be referred to one of the CUES accredited optometry practices.

Full details and a practice search are available on the Primary Eyecare Services website CUES page here

Direct Cataract Scheme

All cataracts referrals should be directed through the enhanced service pathway to ensure that the patient is counselled on the risks and benefits, meets the referral criteria and requires and wants surgery. If you do not participate in the service or are out of the area, please send the patient to one of the accredited optometrists with a copy of the referral letter.

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For further information see the GMPEC website.

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Learning Disabilities

For information on the Learning Disabilities service and pathway, see the GMPEC website here:

Learn More Patients with Learning Disabilities: