Extended Services

Extended Services in Salford & Trafford

Direct Cataract Service

All cataracts referrals should be directed through the extended service pathway to ensure that the patient is counselled on the risks and benefits, meets the referral criteria and requires and wants surgery.

Trafford Cataract Referrals

As of 24th June 2020, the Trafford Coordination Centre (TCC) has closed. Work is underway to transfer the service to Primary Eyecare and Optomanager, but in the interim, referrals should be sent directly to the provider

The Trafford referral form can be downloaded here:

Download Trafford Cataract Referral Form June 2020

The referral Guidance can be downloaded here:

Download Trafford Cataract Referral Guidance June 2020

Details of the new process can be downloaded here:

Download New Trafford Cataract Referral Process June 2020

Salford Cataract Referrals

The Salford referral form can be downloaded here:

Download Form Salford Cataract Referral Form

Repeat Readings Service (Salford & Trafford)

Patients with a pressure above the normal range should have the pressures repeated once or twice as necessary, as per the protocol for the CCG

Various documents relating to the services can be found here:

Download Form claim_summary.doc

Download Form covering_letter_07jan10.doc

Download Form ocular_hypertension_referral_refinement_scheme_claim_form__1_.doc

Download Form oht_faqs_21jan10.doc

Download Form optom_process_update_aug_2015.docx

Download Form protocol_for_ocular_hypertension_referral_refinement_scheme_v2.doc

Download Form pharm_and_optom_ccg_les_process_final.docx

Download Form appendix_3_ccg_addresses_for_invoicing.doc

Download Form appendix_1_proforma_template_for_ccg_les_claims.xls

Learning Disabilities

For information on the Learning Disabilities service and pathway, see the GMPEC website here:

For further information see the GMPEC website.

Learn MoreGMPEC Patients with Learning Disabilities