Extended Services

Extended Primary Eyecare Services in Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale

Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

Minor eye conditions such as red eyes, dry eye, flashes and floaters, foreign bodies etc should be referred to one of the MECS accredited optometry practices.

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Post-operative Cataract for CareUK

Under this arrangement the optometrist performs the final check-up after cataract surgery. You can search for a practice providing the service on the GMPEC website.

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Glaucoma Repeat Readings Service

If you have a patient with raised pressure or suspect visual fields and you do not take part in the extended service, you must refer them to a participating optometrist for further assessment. You can find participating practices on the GMPEC website. Ask the patient where they wish to go and ensure they know. Use a referral letter and provide full details as you would for a GP referral.

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Learning Disabilities

For information on the Learning Disabilities service and pathway, see the GMPEC website here:

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