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Healthi Electronic Referral System

This document provides referral advice for use with Healthi.

Download Healthi Referral Advice Mar 20 V2.50

Details of the providers for each area and who to contact if you want confirmation are here:

Download Mapping for Practitioners Sep 20 V1.7                                                             

New practices These should use the "Contact Us" form to request logins for the Healthi referral system. You will need to provide the practice name, address, phone number and the email address you wish to use for the initial logon username. You will also need your ODS site code. New practices may not have an NHS ODS site code and so should contact the Exeter Help Desk to request one. - Send Mail

Healthi Referral System FAQs

Click here FAQs

Using the Healthi Referral Module

This video shows the use of the Healthi Referral Module, including adding and ammending users, adding patients and making a referral.

Download Healthi Referral Video Feb 20

NHS Information Governance

The previous NHS Information Governance Toolkit has transformed into the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT). The website is linked below, but the DSPT can be completed and submitted through the Quality in Optometry website. There are 2 versions of the DSPT, the full version required for NJHS Connections and for NHS Contracts, and a reduced subset for NHSMail purposes only.  Both versions are in QiO.

Learn More DSPT website


Learn More Quality in Optometry Website

Guide to completing the toolkit

Although the IGTK has changed to the DSPT, the bundle of policies created for the old IGTK may still be of help.  QiO also has help and policies in the DSPT section.

Download IGT Policy bundle GM

ODS Codes

If you you have trouble locating your ODS code on the IGTK site, you can download this spreadsheet and search to find your practice

Download ODS Codes.xls

Ordering the Connection

NHS connections

This element of the GM project is currently on hold in the light of technology changes and other developments.


Further news about the project is here:

Download IT News Sep 17.pdf

Download IT News April 18.pdf

Download IT News May 18.pdf

Download IT News Dec 18.pdf

Download IT News Mar 19 Revision.pdf

Download IT News Mar 19 Referral Module Introduction.pdf