GM Optometry Connectivity Project

Information on the project is available here:

Download GM IT Project Final Web.pdf

NHS Information Governance Toolkit (IGTK)Website

To complete the NHS Information Governance Toolkit you will need the following:

Learn More Information Governance Toolkit

Guide to completing the toolkit

It is worthwhile consulting the IG checklist for NHS standard contract sub-contractors in Quality in Optometry as well. The levels are the same and QiO has advice about completion of the policies in the bundle below.

Download IGl2 Manual GM.pdf

Policy Bundle

Download IGT Policy bundle GM

ODS Codes

If you you have trouble locating your ODS code on the IGTK site, you can download this spreadsheet and search to find your practice

Download ODS Codes.xls

Ordering the Connection

The portal for ordering your NHS connection is here:

Learn More Claim your grant here


Further news about the project is here:

Download IT News Sep 17.pdf

Download IT News April 18.pdf

Download IT News May 18.pdf