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Here are some of the frequently asked questions relating to the Healthi Referral module. You can search for any word that might appear in an FAQ. Click search a 2nd time to clear the result and return the full list of FAQs

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1Are some fields mandatory?IT / eReferral
2Can we print the referral for our records?IT / eReferral
3Can you view a previous referral, even if it was another practice?IT / eReferral
4Do DOs and CLOs have access to make referrals?IT / eReferral
5Do we get result letters back from the HES following referral?IT / eReferral
6Does the system work for patients with a GP outside Greater Manchester?IT / eReferral
7How do logons work?IT / eReferral
8How many clinic types are there?IT / eReferral
9Is there a notification that the referral has been received?IT / eReferral
10Is there any choice of WetAMD provider?IT / eReferral
11The PDF referral doesn't open - what's wrong?IT / eReferral
12Which browser should I use?IT / eReferral